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47. Filsan Abdiaman on Exploring Matters of The Heart Through Running

“My relationship with running shifted. It was around the time I started doing ultra racing and trail running when it actually really switched for me. I would run to just work on me and my relationship with my mind and my relationship with my body and find a better way to love myself even more.” - Filsan Abdiaman Filsan Abdiaman’s love for running came at a time of self discovery. In 2014, Filsan traveled from Canada to her hometown in Kenya following a breakup and, in the process, discovered she was struggling with depression, eating disorders, and anxiety attacks. Upon returning to Canada to get her life on track, Filsan started to focus on her health and mental wellness. Initially she was introduced to running as a way to lose weight and escape her mental health issues, but Filsan quickly realized the true transformative power of running. After much recovery and healing, as well as seeking help from professionals, Filsan discovered new skills and tools to cope with her mental health and her relationship with running shifted to time spent focusing on self love. In 2016, Filsan started Project Love Run; a safe space where self-identifying womxn could meet others, move their body in an inclusive environment, and talk about matters of the heart. With chapters in Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Toronto, and Montreal, Project Love Run has grown into a community that advocates for and advances mental and physical health for all womxn. Filsan, André and Jonathan met when we first started discovering run crews in Toronto and it was truly wonderful reconnecting with this incredibly inspiring athlete and advocate for mental health. To learn more about Filsan, you can follow her on Instagram at: @runnersinstinct To learn more about Project Love Run, you can follow them at: @projectloverun Follow The Longest Stride: Instagram - @TheLongestStride Twitter - @Longest_Stride

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