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45. Lindsay Scott on Building Better Runners

“The fun part about running is every experience, every race, every training run is an opportunity to learn something. Put that into your back pocket and try to tease out what works best for you. It’s kind of this endless curiosity of how do we just fine tune just a little bit more.” - Lindsay Scott After University, Lindsay Scott moved to Nepal, where she would spend the next eight months teaching life skills through sport play, leadership, and goal setting. The trip was also an opportunity for Lindsay to connect with the sport of running while discovering the community at the same time. The experience of running on her own terms gave Lindsay the luxury to fall in love with the sport without the pressure of competing. When Lindsay moved back to Toronto to pursue her Master of Science Degree in Physical Therapy, running became a means to commute from home to school. Eventually Lindsay would connect with the Toronto running community as a Lululemon ambassador where she would introduce people to the joy of running. In 2016, Lindsay started working at the Runner’s Academy, a health and wellness clinic dedicated to helping anyone who enjoys, or wants to enjoy, running. As a Registered Physiotherapist, Lindsay strives to get to the root of runners’ issues and aims to get them back in action, stronger than ever; she also enjoys helping clients achieve their personal goals through a balance of education, manual therapy, personalized exercise prescription, acupuncture, health promotion, and injury prevention. Lindsay is not only a student of the sport, she’s helping others recognize their true potential by teaching them how to be better runners and it’s not just runners she is coaching and mentoring; she also runs mastermind and mentorship programs to bring together a collective of like-minded clinicians and coaches who want to excel in supporting runners! To learn more about Lindsay, you can follow her on Instagram at: @lindsayscottphysio To learn more about the The Runner’s Academy, you can follow them on Instagram at: @therunnersacademy Follow The Longest Stride: Instagram - @TheLongestStride Twitter - @Longest_Stride

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