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14. Rejean Chiasson

Growing up in a small fishing village in New Brunswick, Rejean’s first real exposure to running came when he joined the army, shortly after graduating high school. As a member of the infantry unit, Rejean ran several days a week and recalls being surprised by how easy it felt. In 2004, nine days before he was to be deployed to Haiti, Rejean was attacked by a group of men and, as a result, wasn’t able to deploy due to his injuries. Rejean was invited to join a run club started by some of the soldiers at his home base and after noticing how well he ran, convinced him to take it more seriously. In this episode, we’ll discuss how these events and Rejean’s struggles with drug and alcohol abuse paved the way to a short, but successful running career. Rejean will also share how several of his coaches and mentors motivated and inspired him to start his own run club, Pace & Mind. Today, Pace & Mind has become a pillar in the Toronto running community and many of it’s athletes have experienced tremendous results in distances from the 5K to Marathon. To learn more about Rejean, you can follow him on Instagram at: @coachrejean To learn more about Pace & Mind, you can follow them on Instagram at: @paceandmind Follow The Longest Stride: Instagram - @TheLongestStride Twitter - @Longest_Stride

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