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12. Jamal Burger: Founder of Kickback Connect

This week we speak with Jamal Burger, Founder of Kickback Connect. We discuss Jamal’s vision for uplifting youth and how his love for sneakers turned into a youth-led organization whose impact is felt around the globe. Unlike traditional programs, the Kickback aims to empower underserved youth dreams to change their world. Jamal’s passion for connecting people is not only visible in the name of his organization, it comes through in his messaging throughout the interview. We’ll also discuss how Jamal applied the same thinking to start Tier Zero, a toronto-based production company, with a group of friends who share the common passion of producing work at a premium. There’s no question Jamal is a connector, but what also comes through in our conversation is his passion for empowering others to become leaders in the community; whether they’re youth in one of his many programs or business partners and friends. Thanks for listening to this episode! If you know someone who would make a great guest or you just want to share feedback, please email us at You can also find us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! To support the show, please rate and review this episode on Apple Podcast. Your ratings and reviews help our show by making it easier to find in the rankings. The higher we climb, the easier it is to find us! André and Jonathan

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