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9. Richard Kuchinsky

In this week’s episode, Richard Kuchinsky from the Directive Collective tells us how designing running shoes for 10 years led to him becoming a runner and ultimately one of the most sought after race experience designers in the Toronto running community. Richard’s designs can be found on the shirts of many races in the GTA, but perhaps one of his proudest design moments came last year when he was named the Creative Director for the Pride Run in Toronto. In his capacity, Richard designed everything from the shirts to medals and everything in between! Richard shares his design process, his experience working with different race directors, and his approach to collaborating with various brands; specifically the work he’s doing with RunToBeer. Richard’s designs aren’t the only thing getting attention in the running community; his progression from casual runner to sub-3 marathoner is equally inspiring! To learn more about this Richard, you can follow along at: and Thanks for listening to this episode! If you know someone who would make a great guest or you just want to share feedback, please email us at You can also find us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! To support the show, please rate and review this episode on iTunes. Your ratings and reviews help our show by making it easier to find in the iTunes rankings. The higher we climb, the easier it is to find us! Thanks again! André and Jonathan

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