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Ep. 23: Blood Tracking with Science Dogs

Brief Summary of Show:Learn how the pro's track an animal after it's shot.In this episode of The Silvercore Podcast, Travis Bader speaks with Lindsay Ware of Science Dogs of New England situated in Maine, USA and discusses how she got into tracking animals for hunters with the help of dogs, different signs and evidence to look for when tracking and how you can teach your dog to track as well. If you have a story that would be of value to the Silvercore audience, or know someone who does, email us at  We would love to hear from you! Topics discussed in this episode: Intro [00:00:00 - 00:01:14]How Science Dogs of New England started [00:01:14 - 00:03:33]What breeds are best for tracking [00:03:34 - 00:07:40]Training of dogs [00:07:40 - 00:08:51]Regulations around using dogs for tracking [00:08:51 - 00:12:38]Repeat customers [00:12:38 - 00:15:16] Most common animals found when tracking [00:15:16 - 00:17:05]Tips for hunters to track their own game [00:17:05 - 00:21:13]Tracking with well trained humans as well as dogs [00:21:13 - 00:24:37]Ideal timeframe to track an animal after it’s shot [00:24:37 - 00:30:00]How rain affects tracking [00:30:00 - 00:31:20]Using blood signs in tracking and other evidence [00:31:20 - 00:36:35]What requirements trackers have when tracking [00:36:35 - 00:38:49]Training your own dog for tracking [00:38:49 - 00:42:15]Outro [00:42:15- 00:42:57]  Explore these ResourcesIn this episode, we mentioned the following resources which may be beneficial to you: Science Dogs of New England [00:00:45] [00:01:26] [00:01:27] [00:03:04]United Blood Trackers [00:12:07] [00:12:33] [00:37:28] [00:39:04] [00:39:24] [00:39:48] [00:40:49] [00:42:28]Tracking Dogs for Finding Wounded Deer By John Jeanneney [00:39:52]Follow us:PodcastYouTubeNewsletterInstagramFacebookFollow our HostInstagram: @ Bader.Trav Learn More about SilvercoreSilvercore ClubOnline Training Other Training & Services MerchandiseCORE Training Management Resources (TMR) Blog Page

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