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Ep. 108: How to Obtain an Authorization to Carry a Firearm - ATC

It was clear the conversation wasn't over and Travis and Sean felt the topics discussed were too valuable to not record. This is an addendum to the popular Silvercore Podcast 107 episode.  Make sure to download if you haven't already. In addition to his massive success in business, Sean Zubor is an aspiring pilot and trapper and seized the opportunity quiz Travis.   - How can a person get an authorization to carry a handgun in Canada?- Can handguns still be purchased in Canada? - Are hunters and firearms owners doing enough to advocate for themselves?- What is the role of Canada's advocacy groups and how can we all work together? Tune in for insight that hasn't been publicly discussed in the past.   ______ Silvercore Club - Online Training - Other Training & Services - Merchandise - Blog Page - Host Instagram - @Bader.Trav Instagram - @SilvercoreOutdoors ____  

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