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Ep. 119: Bear Spray Hot Wings

Join Travis and Tiffany Bader on the Silvercore Podcast as they take on the ultimate spicy wings challenge! In this special lighthearted episode, they dive into the famous hot sauce lineup from Hot Ones, testing their taste buds and endurance.From numbing heat to fiery flavours, they share their experiences and reactions while answering intriguing questions. In true Silvercore Podcast style, the dial gets turned up to 11! Don’t miss out on the last Silvercore Podcast episode of 2023 filled with laughter, heat, and some unexpected twists.   ** This should go without saying, but here it goes "don't do what Donny don't does" Bear spray is marketed as being non-toxic, but we still don't recommend anyone repeat the actions depicted here" ______ Silvercore Club - Online Training - Other Training & Services - Merchandise - Blog Page - Host Instagram - @Bader.Trav Instagram - @SilvercoreOutdoors ____

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