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Ep. 110: 3 Para SFSG Base Jumper - Fear: Your Unlikely Ally

Abandoned by his birth mom on the side of the road at 9 years of age, Jamie was determined to overcome his life challenges and in turn form a relationship with his fears in a truly inspiring way.  Jamie recounts his acceptance into the 3rd battalion parachute regiment and the counter terrorism special forces support group (SFSG), and how he became a world champion skydiver and base jumper.  Jamie was top of the world until a near fatal accident literally and figuratively brought him back to earth, requiring the deep humility and tenacity to build himself back up.  Jamie explains his thought process on risk management and how micro dosing mushrooms helped him gain a new perspective on life.   ______ Silvercore Club - Online Training - Other Training & Services - Merchandise - Blog Page - Host Instagram - @Bader.Trav Instagram - @SilvercoreOutdoors ____    

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