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Ep. 115: Jeff Senger and the Slaughter Daughters

Join host Travis Bader in an exhilarating episode of the Silvercore podcast featuring the dynamic and passionate master of meats.... Jeff Senger. Jeff answers Silvercore Club members questions relating to processing game meat and his responses will likely surprise even some of the most seasoned hunters.    This is a captivating discussion about the art of meat processing, the thrilling dance of slaughter, and the untapped potential of waste meat. Discover how Jeff and his team, lovingly known as the 'Slaughter Daughters,' are revolutionizing the industry by maximizing the use of every part of the animal. From tantalizing delicacies like braised beef tendon to surprising culinary adventures, this episode will leave you hungry for more.    Don't miss out on this eye-opening conversation that will forever change the way you think about meat production and conservation.    Website:   Instagram:Modest Meats: Senger: the Wild: ______ Silvercore Club - Online Training - Other Training & Services - Merchandise - Blog Page - Host Instagram - @Bader.Trav Instagram - @SilvercoreOutdoors ____

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