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Ep. 15: Insider Pro Tips from Jimmy Hamilton of Vortex Nation

In this podcast Jimmy Hamilton from Vortex Optics and The Vortex Nation Podcast, talks about the history of Vortex Optics, the what you get in the different product lines, optics selection, field maintenance, pro-tips and what to expect from Vortex in the coming months.    With Covid-19 and social distancing measures, we are taking steps to ensure we continue to bring you the best content possible given the circumstances.     We are learning to adapt to our new situation and this is Silvercore’s very first remote podcast.   We understand that these are difficult times for everyone and we want to be able to offer a little bit of respite from the day to day.     While I haven’t said it outright in the past, perhaps now is as good a time as any to explain that every guest I have had on the show has been told the same thing.  That is, in a nutshell, “keep it positive”.  There is enough negativity in the world, and in particular surrounding hunting and firearms, that we will stay away from talking about negative politics, or anything that may have the tendency to be divisive or travel down that worn dark path.     Here, we attract people who have a genuine passion for what they do and wish to share that passion with you.  Every podcast we record is done  with the end goal of educating and entertaining.     Silvercore is a training company, that’s how we earn our keep. With Covid-19 for the safety of our staff and students, all of our in person training has been postponed.     Until further notice, we are putting the emphasis on our online courses, club, podcast and YouTube videos.  We will be maintaining our podcast release schedule, and working to increase the frequency.  Now here is the part where I ask for your help.     If you know someone who would enjoy our podcast or YouTube videos, or anything else that Silvercore offers please share it with them.  Please engage us with your comments, questions and suggestions likes, shares and subscriptions.  If you have a story to tell that our audience would appreciate, or know someone who does, let us know.  Your interaction will help us in providing the best possible future content.    

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