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Ep. 105: Officer Down

10-33 is the radio code for “Officer in need of Immediate Assistance”.  It is also the aptly named title of the "Ten Thirty Three" podcast hosted by retired police officer Nathan Kapler.  Nathan is incredibly honest in sharing his struggles with mental health, addiction and dealing with the trauma he has sustained through life and through his career with the RCMP.  His hope is that others may benefit from his perspective and experience and he uses the power of story to continue his lifelong dedication to assisting those in need.    June is mens mental health awareness month and this episode was created specifically to provide nuance and shed light on a topic that is stilly highly stigmatized.     If you, or someone you know is suffering from negative mental health speak up, reach out, contact a mental health professional or, in an emergency, contact emergency services.      Ten Thirty Three Podcast - Instagram -    __________ For further resources on mental health, motivation and self improvement, check out:  ______ Silvercore Club - Online Training - Other Training & Services - Merchandise - Blog Page - Host Instagram - @Bader.Trav Instagram - @SilvercoreOutdoors ____  

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