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#109: A.I. and B2B Intent Data SaaS: Hyper-Targeted 4 Step Sequence = 70% Open Rate and 35% reply rate (Eugenia & Artem)

One of the most time-consuming tasks in B2B outbound sales is building prospect lists. If you’re going through the trouble to build lists with accurate data, you want to make sure that your lists contain your best fit prospects. There’s nothing worse than running an outbound sales campaign and hearing nothing but crickets. Building lists of prospects who are ready to buy now solves that problem. On this episode I speak with two co-founders who are leveraging A.I. and intent data to build hyper-targeted lead lists for sales prospecting. They’ve found a way to surface high-potential leads - ones that are exhibiting sales ready buying signals. We’ll also talk about how they approach outreach once they’ve built a high intent prospect list. I’m confident that intent data will be a big theme of this decade. A weekly report of new, Fortune 500 marketing decision makers who have high buyer intent (includes contact info): http://hiredlist.com/ Join the Facebook Group (B2B SaaS Cold Outreach Mastery): http://morgandwilliams.com/fbgroup --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/morgan-williams0/message

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