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Hey {First Name}, An Insider's Guide to Outbound Sales

Morgan Williams



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#164: Productized Service: 6 Step Cold Email Sequence = 4% reply rate, 2% conversion rate, 40 new customers, and $20k in sales (Patrick Frank)

Patrick Frank is a Video Entrepreneur and the Founder of Patchbay Media. Patchbay Media works with creative agencies, schools & education organizations, small businesses, and advocacy nonprofits to create targeted, cinematic videos for more effective online marketing. He’s also the Founder of EditVideoCalls.com. EditVideoCalls.com turns your everyday Zoom calls into useful, shareable videos. by helping coaches & consultants create social media videos, training videos, and website videos from the Zoom calls they're already having. He’s also the author of Zoom Out, the video first playbook. Join the community - 5,000+ SaaS founders, agency owners, and entrepreneurs sharing cold outreach tips, tricks, and strategies: morgandwilliams.com/community If you don’t want Zuckerberg to spy on you but you still want valuable cold outreach tops but, head on over to morgandwilliams.com/newsletter and put in your best email. EditVideoCalls.com: https://editvideocalls.com/

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