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#174: How to Acquire and Grow SaaS Companies Using Cold Email (Alex Berman)

If you’ve been listening to this show for awhile or spent even a small amount of time in the lead gen space, you’re familiar with the typical agency model - you pay me $X per month for Y number of meetings and leads. The model still works but you’re always on the client treadmill. Finding new clients, launching campaigns, dealing with delivery headaches and irrational client expectations, and on and on and on. My guest has cracked the code on how to get compounding returns on his cold email expertise without having to constantly look for new clients. In the first half of the episode we discuss how he got started learning cold email while working at an agency and then went out on his own and started getting clients. In the second half we talk about how he transitioned from service provider to SaaS company owner. Join a community  - 5,000+ SaaS founders, agency owners, and entrepreneurs sharing cold outreach tips, tricks, and strategies: https://morgandwilliams.com/community If you don’t want Zuckerberg to spy on you but you still want valuable cold outreach tips, head on over to https://morgandwilliams.com/newsletter and put in your best email.

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