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#159 (Re-Air): CMO and CEO Outreach: Email + Direct Mail + Phone + LinkedIn = 85% Open Rate, 40% Reply Rate, and $1.8M+ Opportunity Value (Will Wang)

If you’re in sales you know how important it is to have buy-in from prospects who are high on the corporate ladder. This includes Directors, VPs, and C-Level executives. Having a member of upper management on your side can make or break any deal. But, the problem is that these people are some of the most coveted prospects at any company. Every salesperson, marketer, and growth hacker is trying to get the attention of these people. Their inboxes and phones get pounded with emails and phone calls every day. So, with all that noise - how do you break through? My guest in this episode has found a way. Using a multichannel approach he’s achieved 85% open rates and 40% reply rates from CEOs and CMOs at Enterprise level companies. His efforts generated millions of dollars in opportunity value. In this episode we’ll step into his shoes and discuss exactly what was going through his head when he created the campaign. We’ll do a deep dive and step-by-step we’ll look at how he achieved success. Will Wang is the Chief Marketing Strategist at Growth Labz. Growth Labz helps businesses implement sales and marketing systems that not only brings them a steady flow of leads, but does so in a way that is cost and time effective. They are laser focused on getting results quickly (days, not weeks or months) and aim to be "cost neutral" within the first month. In fact, they only take on clients if we KNOW we can deliver a 10x ROI for them. Join a community - 5,000+ SaaS founders, agency owners, and entrepreneurs sharing cold outreach tips, tricks, and strategies: https://morgandwilliams.com/community If you don’t want Zuckerberg to spy on you but you still want valuable cold outreach tips, head on over to https://morgandwilliams.com/newsletter and put in your best email.

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