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X-Amining X-Men '97 - Episodes 3: Fire Made Flesh

Burn Baby Burn X-Men: Inferno! Are two fiery red heads too hot for our mutants to handle in this week’s X-Men ‘97 all the while someone Sinister rears their ugly head! Join us as we discuss Wolverine shower scenes, horror’s greatest hits & just who the f#%* is Madelyne Pryor!?!? Buy your own copy of X-Men: Inferno on Amazon! Dan spoke about Illyana Rasputin’s role in the Inferno crossover on my podcast reviewing X-Men: Magik -Storm & Illyana during Wizard Month where the seeds for that event were arguably planted in that story… Listen to Dan’s podcasts on films that Max referenced… Society W/ Dan Burgess & Predator 2 W/ Max himself! --- Send in a voice message:

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