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Star Wars: Clone Wars Conversations Season 3 Pt 2 (E12-22): Nightsisters & Savage Opress, The Prophecy Of The Mortis Gods, Tarkin Meets Anakin & Ahsoka Saves Chewbacca!

Clone Wars Conversations continues with the second half of Season 3 (Episodes 12-22)! Dave, Maff & Mike discuss every episode of Clone Wars in this show, making it the perfect Clone Wars companion podcast! In more detail, the trio discuss four story-arcs within these 12 episodes, starting with the introduction of Savage Opress with Asajj’s separation from Dooku, after the Nightsister magic, our trio talk about one of the most unique arcs in Star wars; The Mortis Gods and ponder on The Chosen One Prophecy. Shortly thereafter their attention goes to Tarkin and the Citadel arc, followed by the 2 episode arc where Ahsoka meets Chewbacca – all of this and more awaits you! For the weekly Acolyte discussion show, subscribe to the Comics In Motion or Star Wars: Comics In Canon podcasts or watch at ⁠⁠ – Dave was on to discuss episodes 1&2 and Maff is due on next week for episode 3! For something completely different, Mike recently guested on Chris & Dave’s Reality Cast, filling in for Chris on the first week of Love Island (with Megan): ⁠⁠ The first four episodes of Clone Wars Conversations have been releasing monthly since January 21st 2024 on the usual podcast feeds & YouTube (eps 221, 225, 229 & 233 of GCC): ⁠⁠ Dave, Maff & Mike have also spoken about The Phantom Menace, Attack Of The Clones and The Clone Wars Movie on this feed (GCC episodes 212, 214 & 217) Maff is @MaffUK78 on Twitter and recently did a spider-related podcast with Dan here: ⁠⁠ & on Back To The Filmography here: ⁠⁠ You can find Dave on Twitter @SeattleDojos, or the podcasts Comics In Motion, the VHS Strikes Back: ⁠⁠ and Chris & Dave’s Reality TV Cast: ⁠⁠ - Dave recently guested on several episodes of X-Amining X-Men ’97 on Comics In Motion! Also check out all 5 episodes of Rebels Reviewed, where Dave, Maff & Mike tackle all 4 seasons and a bonus wrap-up episode, all found on any podcast app and on YouTube: ⁠⁠ - ⁠⁠ Mike has been involved with many other Star Wars podcasts, including interviewing Mike Chen on episode 234 of GCC, found here: ⁠⁠ & ⁠⁠ The previous episode of Genuine Chit-Chat was a special episode where Mike speaks with Leyna; she is one of several alters in the Doug Vincent System, to explain the condition of Dissociative Identity Disorder; what it means, how it affects you and what living with it is really like. Don’t miss Disney Discussions 12, about The Rocketeer & Condorman! DD12 is on the feed of Spider-Dan & The Secret Bores, on any podcast app & YouTube: ⁠⁠ Sign up to the Pop Culture Collective newsletter here to keep up to date with Mike and other incredible creator’s many releases: ⁠⁠     GUEST SPOTS: Mike, Megan, Dan & Ria return for Disney Discussions 12, to talk about The Rocketeer & Condorman: ⁠⁠ Mike & Megan returned to Back To The Filmography to talk about Jason Statham in The Meg: ⁠⁠ Mike was chatted Dune 1984 and Part 1 (2021) with the 20th Century Geek: ⁠⁠ Mike was recently on Mandatory Music & CD, talking Weezer: ⁠⁠ Mike also featured on the VHS Strikes Back, talking Trainspotting: ⁠⁠ Mike hosted the 1000th episode of Comics In Motion: ⁠⁠ - ⁠⁠ Find all of Mike’s social media & other links at ⁠⁠ 

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