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Earth-Two in the Bronze Age- Episode 22: Action Comics #484 and The Brave and the Bold #197

Last episode we took a look at the first appearances of the Huntress. Episode 22 goes back a bit in time as we explore Batman and Catwoman’s relationship as told in “The Autobiography of Bruce Wayne.” Plus, it’s the marriage of the Earth-Two Superman and Lois Lane! You can follow the show @ComicsLloyd on Twitter or send an email to . You can find me on Twitter @MattB_Lloyd and at where I write reviews and edit news stories. You can also check out my chapter in “Politics in Gotham: The Batman Universe and Political Thought.” Political-Thought/dp/3030057755 “Black Panther and Philosophy: What Can Wakanda Offer the World?” Blackwell- Culture/dp/1119635845/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2F69N3WJBZM F3&keywords=what+can+wakanda&qid=1642053514&spr efix=what+can+wakanda%2Caps%2C256&sr=8-1 “Batman’s Villains and Villainesses: Multidisciplinary Perspectives On Arkham’s Souls” Multidisciplinary-Perspectives- ebook/dp/B0C5SHX9BJ/ref=sr_1_1?crid=D49SBV4K1UQ D&keywords=villains+and+villainess+arkham&qid=16954 06720&sprefix=villains+and+villainesses+arkaham%2Cap s%2C284&sr=8-1 I’ve also submitted my essay on Silver St. Cloud to be included in “Batman, Also Starring….” Also look out for the forthcoming “Comics Lit.” series from members of the

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