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X-Amining X-Men '97 - Episode 4: Motendo/ Lifedeath Pt. 1 W/ Tonya

Has X-Men ‘97 lost its Mojo? A disjointed episode this week, one of two halves. One an inter-dimensional romp & the other an exploration of shared trauma. This week we also X-Pand our roster by adding Tonya Todd to the team. Join us as we discuss dial up modems, sleazy studio execs & “well built” men… Head over to our Guest Goddess’ website to see all the X-Citing things Tonya is up to… Check out our previous collaboration on Comics In Motion when we covered She-Hulk on She-Hulk: Podcast At Large! For more on the Storm/Forge relationship and their connection to The Adversary check out the original Lifedeath & The Fall Of The Mutants X-Men: Lifedeath (Uncanny X-Men (1963-2011)) X-Men Milestones: Fall Of The Mutants Who in the 8-bit video games are Mojo & Sprial? Read the original Longshot mini series to find out! X-Men: Longshot (Longshot (1985-1986)) For more on Jubilee’s Abscissa variant Wolverine: Weapon X Unbound (Wolverine (1988-2003)) The two other comics we mentioned were Operation: Zero Tolerance & Asgardian Wars… X-Men Milestones: Operation Zero Tolerance X-Men: The Asgardian Wars HC --- Send in a voice message:

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