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Indie Comics Spotlight: Goblin 2: The Wolf and the Well

Tony and Jac are joined by the newest comic power duo, Eric Grissom and Will Perkins to talk Goblin 2. Order Goblin 2.   What would you sacrifice to protect the one you loved? Uncover the mystery in the thrilling sequel to the fantasy adventure graphic novel Goblin. One dark and stormy night, Rikt meets a mysterious fortune teller in the woods. When she foresees his best friend, a wolf named Fish-breath, is in mortal danger, he is overcome with the fear of losing her. When an opportunity to protect her presents itself, Rikt trades the freedom of the wild for the protection of Underwood—an orphanage for monster children and a sanctuary for wolves. Was his bargain worth the price? And what fate awaits the children who live there? The Wolf and the Well is perfect for fans of fantasy adventure graphic novels like Amulet, Lightfall, and City of Dragons. After losing his parents, Rikt struggles with a fear of being alone. The anxiety becomes unbearable when he receives three prophecies from a mysterious witch, one of which foretells a terrible fate for his best friend, a wolf named Fish-breath. After the first two prophecies prove true, Rikt meets Ms. Evelyn, a friendly human who offers them protection at Underwood, an orphanage for monstrous creatures and wayward wolves. Rikt soon learns things at Underwood are not what they seem and suspects the other children are in danger. With the help of a servant troll girl and a neurotic faun, Rikt must uncover the mystery of Underwood before he learns first-hand what horrors await at the bottom of an ancient well.    

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