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Star Wars: The Acolyte Ep 4: Day, Reviewed: Halfway Through, Where Are We? Plus The Wookiee Jedi And Who is “He”? With Tonya Todd

We continue with The Acolyte and have now passed the halfway mark, and who better to join Mike on this High Republic journey than Tonya Todd! This week brings the fourth episode (of eight) so Mike & Tonya discuss how they’ve found the first half of the show; Tonya explains what she didn’t like about previous episodes, and although they jump around a bit, they confirm their thoughts on Vernestra Rwoh & the Wookiee Jedi Kelnacca, what the payoff of the twins storyline will be, how the show has been structured, the lack of action and the quality of the writing – all of this and more! Tonya’s site:⁠⁠ ⁠ - Find her @MsTonyaTodd on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter/X! Tonya is also writing & directing her first short film, called Mourning Sacrifice! Find out details and how to support here: Tonya Todd & Tony (A.R.) Farina have put together comic essays from some incredible people in Comics Lit Volume 1, which will be out in October 2024, find it wherever you buy your books! 15% off pre-order when from publisher directly: ⁠⁠ UK Amazon: ⁠⁠ US Amazon: ⁠⁠ Later in 2024, Tonya will be recording 7 more episodes of Banned Books conversations, check out last year’s batch via these two links:  -  Mike, Dave & Maff discuss episodes of The Clone Wars animated series every month and they’re currently in Season 3, so tune in wherever you’re listening to this and you can even watch on YouTube!    Find all of Mike’s social media & other links at     Sign up to the Pop Culture Collective newsletter here to keep up to date with Mike and other incredible creator’s many releases:     Support Mike on Patreon for weekly bonus audio content and early access, all from only £1 per month: Other Mike Podcast Appearances: Mike & Megan returned to Back To The Filmography to talk about Jason Statham in The Meg: Disney Discussions 12; about The Rocketeer & Condorman, with Mike, Megan, Dan & Ria: Mike chatted Dune 1984 and Part 1 (2021) with the 20th Century Geek:

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