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Star Wars: The Acolyte E1&2 Reviewed & Discussed: Should We Like These Jedi? And Is Sol Who He Seems? Plus The Barash Vow & More High Republic Information! With Dave

We begin in a new era on-screen; Acolyte takes place towards the end of the High Republic and Mike is along for the ride! Tune in each week for Mike & different guests talking about each episode of the Acolyte! This week Mike is joined by Dave and they discuss the first two episodes; Lost/Found and Revenge/Justice. As well as the episodes & overall plot, the duo discuss their opinions on each character, where they think the series is going, whether or not they’re drawn into the mystery of the show, their thoughts on the action scenes and more, with Mike providing insight into the High Republic books & comics and how they may link into Acolyte (especially with characters like Vernestra Rwoh)! Watch the video version here: ⁠⁠ Keep an eye out on Chris & Dave’s Reality Cast for Mike’s debut, talking with Megan & Dave about the first week of Love Island 2024! Mike, Dave & Maff discuss episodes of The Clone Wars animated series every month and they’re currently in Season 3, so tune in wherever you’re listening to this and you can even watch on YouTube! ⁠⁠ Find all of Mike’s social media & other links at ⁠⁠  Find Dave @SeattleDojos on X and on the Comics In Motion Feed, the VHS Strikes Back Podcast and Chris & Dave’s Reality Cast! Sign up to the Pop Culture Collective newsletter here to keep up to date with Mike and other incredible creator’s many releases: ⁠⁠     Support Mike on Patreon for weekly bonus audio content and early access, all from only £1 per month: ⁠⁠ Other Podcasts Mike & Dave Have Done Together: Mike was on Mandatory Music & CD, talking Weezer: ⁠⁠ Mike also featured on the VHS Strikes Back, talking Trainspotting: ⁠⁠ Mike hosted the 1000th episode of Comics In Motion: ⁠⁠ - ⁠⁠ Other Mike Podcast Appearances: Mike & Megan returned to Back To The Filmography to talk about Jason Statham in The Meg: ⁠⁠ Disney Discussions 12; about The Rocketeer & Condorman, with Mike, Megan, Dan & Ria: ⁠⁠ Mike chatted Dune 1984 and Part 1 (2021) with the 20th Century Geek: ⁠

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