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X-Amining X-Men '97 - Episodes 1&2: To Me My X-Men & Mutant Liberation Begins

Charles Xavier’s Dream lives on! As does The X-Men: The Animated Series in X-Men ‘97! Sans our Merry Mutant Maff, Max & Dan get X-Plicit with their feelings on the first 2 episodes that dropped on Wednesday “To Me, My X-Men” & “Mutant Liberation Begins!” Listen as they discuss real world parallels, deep cut references & “Stupid Sexy Magneto!” Why not follow some of the actors & the people behind the scenes from X-Men ‘97 & the original show on Instagram… Buy a copy of comic book these episodes are directly based on… The Uncanny X-Men: The Trial Of Magneto Find Max at @MaxyByrne on X/Twitter Find Spider-Dan at Email us at --- Send in a voice message:

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