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Classic Comics with Matthew B. Lloyd Episode 40- Retconning Dian Belmont of the Golden Age Sandman

DC Comics is currently publishing three mini-series related to The New Golden Age.  Wesley Dodds: The Sandman includes his paramour and assistant, Dian Belmont.  How has she been retconned over the years since her first appearance in 1940 and what series has handled her best?      You can follow the show @ComicsLloyd on Twitter or send an email to   You can find me on Twitter @MattB_Lloyd and at where I write reviews and edit news stories.   You can also check out my chapter in “Politics in Gotham: The Batman Universe and Political Thought.” “Black Panther and Philosophy: What Can Wakanda Offer the World?”   “Batman’s Villains and Villainesses: Multidisciplinary Perspectives On Arkham’s Souls”   Episode 40 Notes   Sandman Mystery Theater at Fandom   Dian Belmont at Theater at Fandom    Ogden Whitney at Wikipedia     --- Send in a voice message:

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