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TV & Movie Reviews: Doctor Mordrid (1992)

TV & Movie Reviews: Doctor Mordrid (1992) After a long stretch of time off from the TV&Movies, we're Chris and Dave are back to tackle the totally-not-ripped-off-Doctor-Strange movie, "Doctor Mordrid". This 1992 film is like a magical cocktail mixed with a hint of Marvel confusion and a splash of supernatural sorcery. It's as if Doctor Strange decided to take a vacation but got stuck in copyright limbo and had to go by a different name. Picture this: You've got Jeffrey Combs, who's basically the lovechild of Sherlock Holmes and Merlin, playing Doctor Mordrid. He's like your friendly neighborhood sorcerer, but with an impressive collection of mystical artifacts instead of web shooters. Now, let's meet Kabal, our villain. He's got that classic bad guy look with the evil laugh to match. He's trying to bring chaos and darkness to the world, but he probably missed the memo that says "no capes," because he's rocking some serious villain attire. But wait, here's the twist – "Doctor Mordrid" wasn't allowed to throw the Marvel name around, so they had to get creative with their own sorcerer-in-chief. It's like they had to change his name from "Steve Magicpants" at the last minute. The film's got mystical battles, sorcery showdowns, and more spells than a Harry Potter marathon. It's a low-budget, straight-to-video extravaganza that's part superhero flick, part fantasy, and all-around charming in its B-movie glory. So, buckle up for a magical mystery tour with "Doctor Mordrid," where mystical artifacts, cheesy effects, and a dash of confusion combine to create a cult classic that's pure enchantment... or something like that. Plot Summary: Doctor Mordrid is like if Doctor Strange decided to take a break from saving the world and started moonlighting as a magical landlord. Meet Doctor Mordrid, the sorcerer-next-door who's here to fix mystical plumbing issues and keep supernatural pests in check. He's like the ultimate tenant, but instead of paying rent, he's battling ancient evil and taking out the magical trash. Think of him as the Martha Stewart of the mystical realm – he's got spells for redecorating and warding off interdimensional pests. But wait, trouble's brewing in the mystical condo complex! Kabal, the neighborhood villain, is trying to unleash chaos. It's like the equivalent of a bad neighbor cranking up their stereo at 3 a.m. but with more fireballs and dark magic. Doctor Mordrid doesn't just use a plunger; he's armed with spells, incantations, and a cape that rivals Batman's. And yes, he probably has a magical "no soliciting" sign somewhere. In a world where sorcery meets suburbia, get ready for a rollercoaster of supernatural shenanigans, magical mishaps, and the most enchanting eviction notice you've ever seen. "Doctor Mordrid" – because every neighborhood needs a sorcerer on speed dial! ⁠⁠ ⁠ --- Send in a voice message:

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