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Star Wars: The Mandalorian S3E03, Chapter 19: The Convert - Review & Discussion With Tonya Todd & Megan

We’re back, as are Mando and Grogu, for another season of gunslinging Mandalorian action! Mike is hosting weekly discussions on season 3 of the live-action series that has kicked off a new era of Star Wars, with a variety of guests; some familiar faces and some newbies to these discussions – this week is Chapter 19: The Convert! For episode three, we have Tonya Todd and Megan joining as guests! They first discuss their thoughts on The Mandalorian so far, live-action series as a whole and then they delve into the episode. They discuss the “3 parts” of the episode, how they feel about the change of direction, seeing Coruscant, Bo-Katan’s future, Grogu and even the movie Avatar! **Mike said at the end Tony Farina will be joining soon, he got his dates wrong as Tony will not be on until mid-April!** You can listen to this on any podcast app, or watch the video version at! Find Tonya @MsTonyaTodd on social media, her site is Tonya is part of the Femme On Collective: and released 7 episodes for Banned Books week on the feed of Comics In Motion and Megan appeared on one too: Find Megan @GrittsGetsFit on Instagram, or on! Subscribe to the Pop Culture Collective Newsletter for weekly updates on both of Mike’s shows, the Femme On Collective and plenty of other incredible creators, here: Episode/season 1 of Mike, Maff & Dave’s new show; Rebels Reviewed is out now too, so go listen on any podcast app or watch on YouTube:  - Mike hosts Star Wars: Comics In Canon every week on Comics In Motion & YouTube and you can find all of Mike’s podcast shows & social media details here: If you want to hear more from Mike & Megan, consider going to, where Mike has released several exclusive Star Wars Legends book reviews & overviews AND they release at least 1 episode of “Afterthoughts” each week, with over 150 in the back-catalogue, the majority are Megan & Mike’s reviews with some solo book reviews from Mike, plus there are unsplit full-length episodes of his Genuine Chit-Chat podcast and more! Mike’s Other Star Wars Content: Mike & Dave spoke about the Tales Of The Jedi animated series here: Mike was on Stevie B’s YouTube to talk Star Wars: And Mike was on Ike’s Flame podcast to talk about Phase 1 of The High Republic: Find us @ComicsInMotionP on Twitter & Instagram and --- Send in a voice message:

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