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SWCIC: Ty Yorrick Fights A Xunji, Haunted Droids Attack, A Wampa Fights Dragon Slugs & the Hassarian Storyteller (Tales From The Rancor Pit) – Ep 118

A HASSARIAN BEGS JABBA FOR HIS LIFE BY TELLING 3 SPOOKY STORIES! For ep 118, Mike delves into the latest of Cavan Scott’s horror comics; Tales From The Rancor Pit, where 3 horror stories from across the Star Wars galaxy are recounted to the gangster Jabba The Hutt! One features haunted droids during the Clone Wars, the second features monster hunter Ty Yorrick during the High Republic era and the last features Han Solo, Leia & Chewbacca dealing with local creatures on Hoth, set shortly before the Empire attack! Mike also gives information on Hassarians, Cereans, Wampas, LEP droids and more! Tales From The Rancor Pit was released in full on November 23rd2022 and was written by Cavan Scott. Nick Brokenshire did the artwork & colouring for the framing story, which is set between Empire Strikes Back & Return Of The Jedi. Ghosts Of The Machine’s artwork & colours were done by Juan Samu, with the story set during the Clone Wars (22-19BBY), Undead or Alive is set during the High Republic Era (before Light Of The Jedi) and has artwork by Andy Duggan with colours by Roman Stevens, and In The Lair of The Dragon Slug is set just before Empire Strikes ack (3ABY) and has art by Rafael Pérez and colours by DJ Chavis. Mike tackled Cavan Scott’s 3 other anthology horror comics; Tales of Vader’s Castle, in episodes 76, 103 & 112 of SWCIC. Mike tackled the Mace Windu mini-series in episode 16 of SWCIC and the Ty Yorrick mini-series The Monster Of Temple Peak was in episode 87. Mike spoke with Cavan Scott in April 2022 which can be found on this very feed or on YouTube, which has their conversation with video! Last week, in ep 117, Mike delved into the 5 issues of Doctor Aphra set after Crimson Reign, featuring the Spark Eternal possessing Aphra, trapping her inside her own memories with no one to speak with aside from a long-dead Chadra-Fan. Meanwhile, Sana Starros puts a crew together to find Aphra while Just Lucky is hotly in pursuit! As well as this plot, Mike provides further information on Cortosis, the Mairan species, the Droid Crush and more! Subscribe to the Pop Culture Collective Newsletter for weekly updates on both of Mike’s shows and plenty of other incredible creators, here: To hear Mike’s exclusive book reviews, including A New Dawn and the Legends books Shatterpoint, the Darth Bane Trilogy & Darth Plagueis, plus movie & TV “Afterthoughts” episodes, support the show at Guest spots Mike has been involved in: Indie Comics Spotlight to talk Miracleman Books 1-4: Mike went on Ike’s Flame podcast to talk about The High Republic here: Find Mike @GenuineChitChat on Twitter, @Genuine_ChitChat on Instagram & /GenuineChitChat on Facebook, or check out Outro read by BZ The Voice: Intro theme arranged by Mike Burton, backing music by Eric Matyas at Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 00:50 Comic Info & Vader’s Castle Stories 02:04 What This Episode Entails 02:48 Personnel & Release Info 03:57 Framing Story Begins 05:41 Ghosts Of The Machine 11:18 Undead Or Alive 18:27 In The Lair of The Dragon Slug 22:37 End Of Framing Story 24:53 Coming Up 28:33 Support 28:57 New Podcast Feed 29:47 Bonus Content & Patreon 30:39 Outro --- Send in a voice message:

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