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Star Wars: Andor Discussion - Episode 11: Daughter Of Ferrix With Mike, Tonya Todd & Thomas Rochester

B2EMO IS SAD AND FERRIX PREPARES FOR A FUNERAL! For the penultimate episode of S1 of Andor; Daught Of Ferrix, Mike returns as host and is joined by Tonya Todd & relative newcomer to the Comics In Motion family; Thomas Rochester! They talk about B2EMO and the many other characters, parallels, interpretations of characters, the canon and even start with Mike revealing his lack of basic literature knowledge! FOR THE GREATER GOOD! Find Thomas Rochester’s social media, podcast, short film and more here: Find Tonya on social media @MsTonyaTodd – Tonya’s Site:– Tonya’s IMDB: Listen to the first episode of Tonya’s Banned Books on YouTube: And you can find all of Mike’s podcast shows & his social media details here: Mike, Megan, Ria & JAC discussed all 9 episodes of Star Wars Visions S1 here: Please subscribe to Mike’s YouTube channel to see video versions of his conversations, playlists filled with episodes of GCC, a huge amount of Star Wars content and more: For more Star Wars content, check out Mike’s show Star Wars: Comics In Canon every Saturday on the feed of Comics In Motion or on his YouTube channel, plus check out his conversations with Star-Wars-related individuals including Cavan Scott, Claudia Gray, Paolo Villanelli, Dominic Pace and other non-Star-Wars guests! Email us at or follow us on social media @comicsinmotionp --- Send in a voice message:

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