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Appcues: Ramli John's Multi-Pronged Strategy for Running a Mature Content Program

On this fascinating episode of Content Briefly, Ramli John, Product Growth Marketer and Director of Content at Appcues, joins Jimmy on the show. Ramli is a Toronto based product growth marketer who helps product-led businesses convert more of their free users into lifelong customers.  His book, Product-Led Onboarding: How to Turn Users into Lifelong Customers is a best seller, and covers just that. Today, Jimmy and Ramli look at the various elements of product based growth marketing, and comprehensively cover Ramli’s strategy to effectively run a mature content program. They look at the power and future of generative AI in the space, time spent invested in content creation, and Ramli also shares some of his favorite tools he uses day to day. His show & newsletter, Marketing Powerups: Check out Ramli’s website: with Ramli on Linkedin: This episode is sponsored by Fathom Analytics. Fathom is a Google Analytics alternative that doesn’t compromise visitor privacy for data. They make website analytics easy to use and respectful of privacy laws (like GDPR and more). To learn more, visit

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