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What I'm Brainspotting Now II

Being an Optimized AFer doesn’t mean never having moments of struggle.  It means that you have the capacity to recognize struggles as symptoms of something that needs your attention.  And sometimes those symptoms are showing you places where something is blocking you from full optimization (and if you’re an over-thinker, you could really get into the weeds as to whether or not you're truly optimized if you still have a block…..but  Optimization isn’t a pinnacle we reach, and then light up our cigars and sit back and watch the sunset.  It’s a place we aim to be as often as we are able, and then we recognize when we move away from it, but also have the tools and self-knowledge to work our way back.  That’s why, as a voice in the push toward more optimization for the entrepreneurially-minded folx of this world, I want to let you in on the things I’M working on from time to time.  So in this episode, I’ll share two areas where I’m focusing my own wellness work right now.    You don’t want to miss:   What it means to “squeeze the lemon” with your subcortical brain The most common fear I hear from people who are considering a new relationship with alcohol, and how it's showing up in a new way for me, even after being alcohol-free for a few years. The snarled up way abundance and scarcity show up in seemingly different ways   PLUS, a sneak peak at a topic I’ll be addressing in some upcoming offers for anyone who has been working their way up from groundhog day to OAFer.     Links and resources: Get a Daily Brain Block Buster delivered right to your inbox every M-F to help you get past the brain blocks keeping you stuck on groundhog day so you can take action and move the needle in your business.  Sign up at  Download your free body scan meditation so you can take the first step toward subcortical healing  Join the waitlist for Optimized AF Academy  Follow me on Instagram: @carolynrobistow  Find a Brainspotting practitioner near you: UK-specific directory: ​​Free Biolateral Music Brainspotting by Dr. David Grand

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