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Brainspotting Business and Health Through Perimenopause with Erin Todd

This one is for the ladies (and the men who want to support the ladies).  I’m joined by Erin Todd, psychologist turned women’s perimenopause coach. Erin uses Brainspotting both personally and professionally to help make the world a better place, one perimenopausal woman at a time.   You don’t want to miss:   ●      How Brainspotting has helped Erin overcome blocks about showing up and advertising her services ●      How she envisions using Brainspotting in her work with perimenopausal women ●      The absurdly complex path of perimenopause and why no woman should try to DIY it!   PLUS, Erin shares her free training for women of all ages who are done “just dealing with it” when their hormones start to shift and change.   Erin is a clinical psychologist turned health coach, and has a special interest in helping women in perimenopause improve their health and manage the overwhelm that can happen during your 40's. She has a unique perspective as she has spent 18 years working as a psychologist, supporting people's emotional health, and has also studied women's health, so is able to offer support around an person's physical and emotional health. She believes that you can't separate the mind and the body (which often happens in modern Western medicine), and it's important to see the body as a whole system. As such, her work includes education around changes in hormonal health, as well as helping the person manage stress and find their voice and learn new ways to care for themselves during this confusing transition.   Links and resources: ●      Erin Todd on Instagram: ●      Erin Todd’s Perimenopause free training: ●      Erin Todd’s Website: ●      Get a Daily Brain Block Buster delivered right to your inbox everyday to nudge you from Groundhog Day to Optimized AF Entrepreneur.  Subscribe for free at ●      Download your free body scan meditation so you can take the first step toward subcortical healing ●      Stuck on the Groundhog Day Drinker’s Cycle of Shame? Download the free E-book: Mistaken Moderation now at ●      Follow me on Instagram: @carolynrobistow ●      Brainspotting by Dr. David Grand ●      Email me at

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