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How Easy and Efficient is Brainspotting Really? with Kyle Talbert

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to start a Self-guided brainspotting practice with zero experience or spare time, or if you’re feeling maybe a little skeptical about Brainspotting and whether or not it’s too “out there” for you, this episode is for you. Kyle Talbert, the therapist for guys who don’t want therapy, joins me to share his Brainspotting story as a guy who was sick of avoiding the monotonous but necessary aspects of day to day life.   Kyle Talbert, MA, LPC, NCC is an expert counseling men who don't want expert because he is one of those men.  With prior experience in law enforcement, Kyle now uses solution-focused and evidence-based tools to help men take back themselves to become the better husbands, fathers, and men that they need & want to be.  Licensed for telehealth video visits in Texas and Colorado and in-person sessions in The Woodlands, Tx   You don’t want to miss:   ●      What made Kyle decide to give Brainspotting a try ●      How Kyle’s red flags let him know when it’s time to Self-regulate ●      How Kyle started a Self-guided Brainspotting practice even when meditation and yoga didn’t work for him   PLUS, the red flags that mean it might be time for you to also take a deeper look at what your goals are and how you can show up better for your work and your family.   Links and resources: ●      Kyle Talbert Online: ●      Get a Daily Brain Block Buster delivered right to your inbox everyday to nudge you from Groundhog Day to Optimized AF Entrepreneur.  Subscribe for free at ●      Download your free body scan meditation so you can take the first step toward subcortical healing ●      Stuck on the Groundhog Day Drinker’s Cycle of Shame? Download the free E-book: Mistaken Moderation now at ●      Follow me on Instagram: @carolynrobistow ●      Brainspotting by Dr. David Grand ●      Email me at

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