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Brainspotting Calm and Confident Copywriting with Danielle Peters

When you run a business, there are countless tasks that can lead to dysregulation (which then leads to Energetic Misdirection, Phantom Productivity, and Burnout).  In this episode, Danielle Peters, LMFT, shares her story of finding a surprising amount of calm amidst a cacophony of money stuff, imposter syndrome, and stress about visibility.  As the owner of a copywriting business for therapists and coaches, she also understands the nuanced needs of a dysregulated person as they browse the internet for the solution to their struggles.     You don’t want to miss:   ●      How much change Danielle noticed after one single Brainspotting experience ●      What Danielle would say to the past version of herself who hadn’t yet tried Brainspotting ●      How to know if your website is causing you dysregulation and leading to a stalled out project   PLUS, the biggest mistakes Danielle sees therapists and coaches make when they write their own website copy.   Danielle Peters LMFT is a therapist turned copywriter who currently splits her professional time working as a therapist who supports mothers of neurodivergent kids and working as a copywriter writing blogs, and website copy for other therapists. In her personal life Danielle lives in California and is a mother of two who enjoys spending time with her kiddos outdoors hiking, camping, and doing anything near the water.   Links and resources: ●      Blog Writing Essentials for Therapists (free download) ●      Danielle Peters ●      Connect with Danielle on Linkedin ●      Get a Daily Brain Block Buster delivered right to your inbox everyday to nudge you from Groundhog Day to Optimized AF Entrepreneur.  Subscribe for free at ●      Download your free body scan meditation so you can take the first step toward subcortical healing ●      Stuck on the Groundhog Day Drinker’s Cycle of Shame? Download the free E-book: Mistaken Moderation now at ●      Follow me on Instagram: @carolynrobistow ●      Brainspotting by Dr. David Grand ●      Email me the word CALL  at if you’d like a free strategy session to discuss whether Self-led Brainspotting might be the missing piece in your business plan.

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