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Why Knowing Isn't Always Enough with Deborah Antinori

You can’t see your brain, so it can be a challenge to understand why things feel or react the way they do.  Deborah Antinori has spent years studying the brain, especially from the perspective of why and how and where Brainspotting is working.  In this interview, she shares her wealth of knowledge while also making something so seemingly invisible into something super relatable.   You don’t want to miss:   The areas of your brain where thinking and stress response are happening, and why it’s more beneficial to address brain blocks in one instead of the other Deb’s analogies and visual aids for how to separate your thinking brain from your more instinctual brain The exact reason why even when you know something, you still might not take action on it or feeling motivated by it   PLUS, Deb shares some as-of-yet-unpublished research showing the lasting change resulting from one brainspotting session.    Deb Antinori, MA, LPC, FT, RDT, NCC is a Brainspotting Trainer. Having met Dr. David Grand as a facilitator in her EMDR training, she has been privileged to be involved with Brainspotting Therapy since its inception and has been a member of his NY supervision group for many years. She is thirty years in private practice.   Deb recently presented two sessions at the International BSP Conference on Brain Basics, and with Santiago Brand on Psychophysiological Components of the Trauma Response. In 2018, she authored a chapter on grief in The Power of Brainspotting: An International Anthology. Deb has two opportunities to study the brain with her, one is a specialty training titled Brain Science to Inform Your BSP Practice, and the second is her Brain Study Group. You can visit her website for more info: Her critically acclaimed audiobook, Journey Through Pet Loss won an Audie Award from the Audio Publishers Association and a ForeWord Book of the Year Silver Award.   Having been an actress originally, Deborah received her Masters Degree from NYU's Drama Therapy department, She is a Registered Drama Therapist with the National Association for Drama Therapy and holds a Fellowship in Thanatology from the Association for Death Education and Counseling   Deborah is currently working on a PhD from the International University for Graduate Studies, mentored by Dr. Damir delMonte. She is married to her attorney husband, Paul Antinori, for forty years. Links and resources: Find Deborah online at  Get a Daily Brain Block Buster delivered right to your inbox every M-F to help you get past the brain blocks keeping you stuck on groundhog day so you can take action and move the needle in your business.  Sign up at  Download your free body scan meditation so you can take the first step toward subcortical healing  Join the waitlist for Optimized AF Academy  Follow me on Instagram: @carolynrobistow  Find a Brainspotting practitioner near you: UK-specific directory: ​​Free Biolateral Music Brainspotting by Dr. David Grand

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