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The Shoulds You Should Follow

As a high-achiever, you’ve probably heard the phrase “don’t should on yourself,” but then you’ve also been confused because there are times when action SHOULD be taken or else you’ll never actually achieve your goals.  It’s confusing, so in this episode I break it down junior high style to simplify the decision about when to ignore a should and when to follow a should.  You don’t want to miss:   The reason shoulds are confusing and have multiple meanings The trick to tell if a should is problematic or helpful, and whether it’s one to ignore or to follow The simple reframe to use if a should is one to follow so you don’t accidentally should all over yourself in an unhealthy way   PLUS, how shoulds can interrupt brainspotting and other subcortical techniques and what to do when that happens.    Links and resources: Get a Daily Brain Block Buster delivered right to your inbox every M-F to help you get past the brain blocks keeping you stuck on groundhog day so you can take action and move the needle in your business.  Sign up at  Download your free body scan meditation so you can take the first step toward subcortical healing  Join the waitlist for Optimized AF Academy  Follow me on Instagram: @carolynrobistow  Find a Brainspotting practitioner near you: UK-specific directory: ​​Free Biolateral Music Brainspotting by Dr. David Grand

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