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130 - The 1561 UFO Battle Over Nuremberg

We're headed back to one of our favorite centuries to talk about one of the most famous UFO cases in history. Well, at least on the History Channel. The 1561 "celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg, Germany" entered modern consciousness by way of that spooky Swiss psychologist Carl Jung who wrote about this odd woodcut broadsheet describing a day in April 1561 when the sky filled with all sorts of strange, unidentified objects. Balls and rods and shafts of many colors (primarily "blood"), great big black triangles, swarming the skies and seemingly doing battle in what was, at the time, thought to be a revelation and warning from God signaling the end times. Of course, now we're past all that silly superstition now, we know the's aliens. we?  And what is it with revolutions in information technology always signaling apocalyptic mindsets and madness? Support The Nonsense Bazaar on Patreon and keep us ad free and away from having to do propaganda for the Lutherans! You'll get access to our bonus show The Corkboard Bizarre, as well as access to our private Discord server. Starting at just $5 a month!

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