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133 - Confessions of an American Game Show

We’re traveling to the past to explore the careers of two game show greats: Ralph “Nobody knows who I am anymore” Edwards and Chuck “They made a movie about me” Barris. Between the two of them, they’re responsible for some of the most famous game shows of the 20th century including Truth or Consequences and The Newlywed Game. We’ll learn how their creations altered the media landscape of the 20th century and discuss the possibility of game show hosts secretly having double lives as assassins. We also learn about a Victorian party game called "Forfeits" that we all need to put a solid effort into helping make a comeback. It's fantastic. Keep The Nonsense Bazaar ad-free and continuing to embarrass ourselves in front of The Public by joining our Patreon, where you'll get access to our bonus series The Corkboard Bizarre (this week we're talking about Tulpas!) and you'll get access to our Patron discord server. All for the low, low price of $5 a month.  

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