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136 - A Brief History of Staring at The Sun

You know how they say you shouldn't stare at the sun because you'll go blind? Well, what if that's just what they want you to think? What if the secrets to immortality, an enlarged pineal gland, not needing to eat food, and not needing to wear a shirt on your youtube videos were all unlocked by simply...staring at the damn sun? Welcome to the "ancient" practice of sungazing. Where you stare down the sun until you receive magic powers. Is it an ancient practice? Will you go blind? Is it as stupid as it sounds? And didn't the sun used to be a different color? All these questions and more we will attempt to answer as we explore the world of sungazing. Keep the Nonsense Bazaar ad-free and away from temptation in all its forms when you sign up for our Patreon. Starting at just $5 a month you'll get access to our bonus series The Corkboard Bizarre, as well as access to our patron Discord server.

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