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135 - The Many Loves of Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim was once one of the most famous men in America. Everything about him was a spectacle. From his trembling falsetto to his odd mannerisms, it's easy to see how he became America's laughingstock. Most people know him as an entertainer but what about as a husband? While tabloids took shots at Tiny, he was taking shots of his own--at the teenage wife he married on The Tonight Show. She wouldn't be his only wife, however, as he'd go on to marry twice more! Tune in to learn all about the man who tiptoed through the tulips and what kind of lover he was.Tiny Tim got paid a little bit for making a fool of himself, why not us? Support The Nonsense Bazaar on Patreon and keep us ad-free and away from ill-advised cover albums. You'll get access to our private Discord server and our subscriber series The Corkboard Bizarre. This week we're talking DMT hyperspace and that time Ebay straight-up psyop'd a middle-aged couple who ran a slightly critical e-commerce blog. All this for just $5 a month.

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