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145 - Ambien

What do you get when you cross sleeping pills with the tail end of the LSD molecule? Ambien! The miracle cure for insomnia taken by millions of Americans every year that definitely doesn't make your entire frontal lobe completely vanish while the rest of you walks around doing weird stuff. Stuff like perhaps taking a drive down the wrong side of the highway, start frying eggs in the middle of the night in a full body cast, and many other activities both hilarious and terrifying that you'll never remember even if you live through them. Ambien is an incredibly strange chemical, not just because of the sensational side effects that get people in a lot of trouble, but also because it truly does seem to be a miracle cure, not for insomnia but for brain damage. Ambien seems to allow neurons that stopped firing because of some type of damage to start turning back on and firing again. It's an incredibly strange chemical. And it's even stranger that this stuff is just being given out as a sleep aid.Keep The Nonsense Bazaar ad-free and away from ever considering slinging research chemicals on behalf of big-pharma by joining our Patreon. You'll get access to bonus episodes and our patron Discord server starting at just $5 a month!

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