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138 - Revival Preachin' in America

This week It’s a touch of the ol’ divine madness in Middle America as we take a look at the highly entertaining and very American art form of revival preaching. From the big top on the frontier to Aimee McPherson, the sexiest preacher who’s ever lived, to Oral Roberts’ saying God was going to kill him if he didn’t get eight million dollars, the tradition of the revival is a type of performance art in a league of its own. It also fills a pretty interesting role in culture. We also learn a whole lot about the very, very American form of Christian mysticism: Pentecostalism, AKA the flavor of Christianity closest to being bombed out of your mind on designer drugs at a warehouse rave. That’s just a true statement. Jesus wants you to give us money too. So join our Patreon and for just $5 a month you’ll get our bonus series The Corkboard Bizarre and access to our patron Discord server. You won’t get healed. You won’t be better off. But we will. And isn’t that what counts?

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