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117 - Aum Shinrikyo Part III: The Wizard

We're here. The finale and Aum Shinrikyo's Armageddon extravaganza. Aum has now fully transformed itself into a true paramilitary death cult with commando units, an  "Intelligence Ministry" multiple weapons factories for all the different types of weapons, conventional, chemical, biological, you name it. Most importantly, they have "The Wizard", a chemical weapons factory that, among other implements of death, produced two of the most horrifying and deadly chemical weapons known to man: Sarin and VX Nerve Agent. Shoko and the gang have their sights set on a series of insane plans to bring about the end of the world, all culminating in the infamous 1995 Tokyo Subway sarin gas attacks, which in turn will lead to the fall of Shoko Asahara and the rest of the Aum leadership. But not, amazingly, the fall of Aum Shinrikyo as a religion.    Get access to our bonus series The Corkboard Bizarre and join the TNB Unintelligence Agency on Discord by supporting The Nonsense Bazaar on Patreon. Your support keeps us from pullin' a Shoko, as they say.

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