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111 - Escape From Prison Planet

We’ve all heard about the things that supposedly happen at the moment of death: the life review that flashes before your eyes, the tunnel of white light, etc etc. But what if all of that truly does happen except…it’s a trap. Meant to keep us stuck on the wheel of life and death feeding our tasty loosh energy to the evil reptilian archons again and again and again, forever. Yeah that’d suck, for sure. And that’s exactly what some poor lost souls believe through a worryingly prevalent and insanely over-literal version of cyber-gnosticism spearheaded by the likes of David Icke and other bastards. And that’s what we’re talking about today as we explore the depths of r/escapingprisonplanet.Help us escape the wheel of samsara by joining our patreon! There you’ll get bonus episodes, access to our Discord server, and a solid night’s sleep for once in your life knowing you’re helping to keep The Nonsense Bazaar ad free.

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