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104 - Lies in The Sky! The Balloon Hoaxes of 1844 and 2009

Today's episode takes us on a high-flying adventure as we delve into two infamous balloon hoaxes that took place over a century apart: Edgar Allen Poe’s Balloon Hoax of 1844 and the Balloon Boy Hoax of 2009. From the pages of the New York Sun to the screens of millions of viewers, these hoaxes captivated the public's attention with their seemingly unbelievable stories of balloons soaring through the sky. But what was the truth behind these events, and what do they say about human nature's love for a good story? How does a rock opera about mescaline-spiked chili factor in? We’ll be unraveling the mysteries behind these two infamous hoaxes and explore their lasting impact on history and pop culture.Support The Nonsense Bazaar and get access to our bonus series The Corkboard Bizarre and keep us from having to do a high-flyin hoax-em-up of our own!

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