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26: Will compulsory relationships and sex education improve children’s lives?

In the wake of reports of sexual harassment in schools, Vicki and Geraldine talk to Jonathan Baggaley of the PSHE Association about what’s gone wrong. Talking points: - Are parents withdrawing children from RSE? - What do we know about sexual harassment in schools? - Pornography: an extreme form of surveillance capitalism? - As young people face an epidemic of poor mental health, why are some children better protected? *The research we said we would reference in the show notes about protective characteristics against mental ill health is still in progress and not yet published. But here, to be going on with, is a flavour of the Millennium Cohort Study work on young people and mental health: Associations between mental health competence and indicators of physical health and cognitive development in 11-year-olds: findings from the UK Millennium Cohort Study: 

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