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3. The ‘wicked problem’ of child financial harms

 Our 2023 research found that young people aged 13-18 spend over £50m online each week. But this financial autonomy could mean increased exposure to harms like scams, gambling, influencer marketing, and criminal exploitation.  This week Vicki is joined by Maya Daver-Massion and Zixuan Fu, part of the security and online safety team at PUBLIC to shed more light on ‘child financial harms’.  Talking points:  What exactly makes child financial harms such a ‘wicked problem’ to solve?Other sorts of harm are always on the radar. So why are finance-related harms so often overlooked?Is systemic change needed to tackle child financial harms, and, if so, where do we start?Tech Shock is a Parent Zone production. Follow Parent Zone on social media for all the latest on our work on helping families to thrive in the digital age. Presented by Vicki Shotbolt. Tech Shock is produced and edited by Tim Malster. www Twitter Facebook Instagram

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