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1. Has media literacy’s time finally come?

In 2024, the year of many elections, governments across the world are bracing themselves for an onslaught of disinformation. Vicki and Geraldine talk to Professor Julian McDougall of Bournemouth University about whether media literacy is finally poised to break free of its Cinderella status. Talking points: Why do politicians both sneer at media literacy and grab onto it as the answer to online harms?How do you measure the impact of media literacy when success is so often about what doesn’t happen?Much of social media is more emotional than rational. How does any kind of formal education counter that? Tech Shock is a Parent Zone production. Follow Parent Zone on social media for all the latest on our work on helping families to thrive in the digital age. Presented by Vicki Shotbolt. Tech Shock is produced and edited by Tim Malster. www Twitter Facebook Instagram

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