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5. The respectable face of the porn industry?

Vicki and Geraldine talk to clinical psychologist Elly Hanson about OnlyFans, which has done such a good marketing job that it's been popping up at child protection conferences. But should it be there? What do we really know about the streaming site that combines porn and prostitution? Talking points: Is OnlyFans changing young people’s sexual scripts?What does the psychological research tell us about the impact of the objectification that’s central to OnlyFans?Young women advertising themselves as ’teens’ are especially popular on the site. Do we have to accept that this is simply male sexuality, or is something else going on?Why are the connections made on OnlyFans never authentic, despite the site pushing the ‘girlfriend experience’?Tech Shock is a Parent Zone production. Follow Parent Zone on social media for all the latest on our work on helping families to thrive in the digital age. Presented by Vicki Shotbolt. Tech Shock is produced and edited by Tim Malster. www Twitter Facebook Instagram

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