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5. Gay and Roxy Longworth

Vicki and Geraldine talk to a mother and daughter, authors of a new book, When You Lose It, about the devastating consequences they suffered when Roxy was bullied into sending nudes to older boys at school. The pair are brutally honest about what happened, which included Roxy's being sectioned with psychosis. Despite their ordeal, the story is an uplifting one because it shows how resilient young people and families can be. Talking points: Is the whole business of sending nudes fundamentally misogynistic?How do parents deal with situations where children have done something they know their parents will deeply disapprove of?Is the sending of nudes really about sex, or something else?Tech Shock is a Parent Zone production. Follow Parent Zone on social media for all the latest on our work on helping families to thrive in the digital age. Presented by Vicki Shotbolt. Tech Shock is produced and edited by Tim Malster. www Twitter Facebook Instagram

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